Vichy, Saint-Louis

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Aubertin-Orgel der Kirche Saint Louis in Vichy (F)
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Orgelbauer: Bernard Aubertin, Courtefontaine (F)
Baujahr: 1991
Geschichte der Orgel: Das Instrument ist durch Verschmutzung (Heizungsluft, Kerzenruß, Wasser) in einem schlechten Zustand, nötige Reinigungs- und Renovierungsarbeiten sind seit Jahren überfällig.[1]

2007 Restaurierung Balganlage und 32' (teilweise) durch Aubertin

Stimmtonhöhe: a1= 440 Hz
Temperatur (Stimmung): Kirnberger III
Windladen: Schleifladen
Spieltraktur: mechanisch
Registertraktur: mechanisch
Registeranzahl: 47
Manuale: 3, C-g3
Pedal: C-f1
Spielhilfen, Koppeln: Koppeln: REC/GO, POS/GO
Tremblant (Kanaltremulant)
Appel d'Anches du Pédale (Einführungstritt Pedalzungen)


I Positif II Grand-Orgue III Récit Pédale
Montre 8' [2]

Bourdon 8'

Octave 4'

Flûte 4'

Nazard 3'

Doublette 2'

Flûte 2'

Tierce 13/5'

Sifflet 1'

Fourniture IV

Dulciane 16'

Chalumeau 8'

Portunal 16'

Montre I-III 8'

Flûte à cheminée 8'

Salicet 8'

Quinte 6'

Octave 4'

Flûte conique 4'

Quinte 3'

Doublette 2'

Mixture VI

Sexquialtera 2'

Cornet V

Basson 16'

Trompette 8'

Bourdon 8'

Flûte traversière 8'

Fugara 4'

Flûte 4'

Flageolet 2'

Quinte 11/3'

Sixtelette II-III

Fourniture II

Voix humaine 8' (B/D)[3]

Principal 16' [4]

Quinte 102/3' +
Tierce 62/5'

Octave 8'

Bourdon 8'

Prestant 4'

Flûte 2'

Mixture V-VII

Napoléon 32'

Buzène 16'

Trompette 8'

Cornet 4'

Cornet 2'

  1. Probleme von Anfang an:
    "As early as May 1991, organbuilder Aubertin reports the presence of a worrying clogging. The skins of the bellows are very black and all woodworks are covered with a fine grime. The situation is due to a strong pollution problem caused by a faulty heating system (blown air) and to the smoke of candles which have deteriorated the church's interior. Besides, recurrent water leaks from the vault right above the 32' Napoleon have harmed the feet of the pipes. Analyses have confirmed the presence of hydrocarbons and smokes of plant origin. As for the organ, it acted as an extractor hood! Urgent repairs are required as bellows skins are absolutely rung out and pierced causing air leaks. Over the years, during maintenance works, organbuilders report the presence of more and more soot inside the organ and mainly in feet of reed pipes and between tongues and channels. The tuning of the instrument is no longer possible. The action has become heavy and weak while rollerboards are more and more filled with soot. Before solving these problems through a complete restauration, the sources of all this dirtiness have to be eliminated." (
  2. ab G
  3. Bass-/Diskantteilung bei xxx
  4. ab Fis, darunter Bourdon 16' + 8'


Anmerkungen: 09/2020: Eine Sanierung ist geplant, siehe: Vichy: l'orgue de l'église Saint-Louis sera restauré pour retrouver son jeu d'origine
Discographie: u.a. (siehe 12 Produktionen):

Dietrich Buxtehude: Sämtliche Orgelwerke Vol. 4 - Passionszeit/Ostern. Ulrik Spang-Hanssen. Documents, CD, 1990-1993 Youtube, Spotify

J.S. Bach, Vivaldi: Organ Concertos. Françoise-Henri Houbart. Forlane UCD 16669, ASIN B001UGHF9M, CD, 1992, Youtube, Spotify

Bach: Das Orgelwerk. Olivier Vernet. Spotify, nur teilweise aus Vichy

Weblinks: Seite über die Orgel (englisch, Termine nicht mehr aktuell), 'Masterpiece in danger!', 'Listing of pollution alarms (1991-2005)'

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