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Ciao, bello che anche gli italiani partecipino qui! Se hai problemi chiedi / scrivi qui. Per quanto riguarda le immagini: queste devono essere già disponibili su Wikimedia Commons, quindi devi solo inserire il nome esatto del file nel campo "Immagine". Saluti, --MartinH (Diskussion) (tramite Google Translator :)

Please use "mechanisch" instead of "Mekanisch". Thanks, FluteCeleste


And would you PLEASE create new categories in a correct way finally? See "Wird in vorausgewählter Oberkategorie erstellt", which translates to "is created in the pre-selected main category". Also it's necessary to insert this text within new organ builder entries (to show a map etc.):
{{Orgelbauer |BILD= |BILD-Text= |ZOOM = |NAME = |LEBENSDATEN = |ORT = |GESCHICHTE = |LINKS = }}
And for new places, which also should be sorted correctly into the appropriate regions (I doubt that it makes sense to create single entries for every town, btw.):
{{Landkarte/Kategorie |FLAGGE = |ZOOM = |MITTE = }}
Don't you see that we have much unnecessary work with your entries? Just look at one of the numerous corrected entries... --MartinH (Diskussion) 08:30, 15. Sep. 2021 (UTC)